2 thoughts on “Filling the gap in educational services!

  1. Mike and Kate
    I want to express my most sincere appreciation for the work the two of you are doing with my son. Recently my son has made the decision to get his GED rather than complete high school. He is not a traditional kid with traditional problems and he’s definitely not a traditional learner. The educational consultant services you two are offering could not have come at a better time. The last two weeks of work that you’ve completed with my son have offered him new insights, A plan of action, A focus and hope. The difference the contributions that Mike makes with Son is outstanding. Not only does he offer My son supports but he sheds a new understanding of my son to me. The two of you make an outstanding team and have offered my son supports that help and not only academically but emotionally and physically as well. Today he had a wonderful achievement and success, and when he failed to embrace that success to really feel good about it, The two of you were there not only to continue to show support for My son but for our family. Kate, the amount of patience and care as well as support you show when working with My child are outstanding. You represent a true educator with a true dedication to supporting not only my child but every child you work with. You have been on a journey with my child for several years now and you seen his growth and more importantly you’ve always seen his potential! Other than family you have been the one constant that has never let him down, well technically you’re an honorary member of our family and always have been . Mear words cannot express my gratitude to you both for your tutoring, care, empathy, planning, Focus, and care. I truly know without the educational consulting that you’ve done with My son in the last few weeks, this transition could have ( and probably would have) been a disaster. Namaste!

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    1. Callista, thank you so much for your kind words. We are excited to be working together and appreciate your feedback while we feel our way in this new venture. You are a wonderful mother and teacher yourself, and have stuck by your son and shown him with your faith in him what is important. His future is bright because of the combination of that faith, his intellect, his heart, and his willingness to reach out into the world and engage; not an easy thing for ANYONE. Blessings, and it is a pleasure to work with all of you. I don’t know that you heard his brother, but when we told him what an amazing accomplishment was made this afternoon, he immediately said, “He should be a history teacher!” A wonderful brother, a wonderful family. Onward!


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