As anyone who visits can plainly see, we are just starting to figure out how to create this website. By this weekend we hope to have it actually up and running; we apologize for the lack of a toolbar, etc.

This business seems to be catching on more quickly than we expected. Although Kate isn’t finished with her day job until April, we are already booking clients for April and May. It seems we were correct and there is a need for those services we are offering, namely, free tutoring, educational planning, and accompaniment to IEP meetings. We don’t officially open for business until the 10th, but if you are going to need services at that time, please get with us sooner if possible; the calender is rapidly filling!

Several retired (excellent) teachers and administrators from the public schools will be working with us after we start charging, on June 10th. We assure you, their help is worth every penny. Meanwhile, it is our plan to gain your trust and loyalty through our pro bono services.

If you would like to schedule a phone conference or home visit to plan future services, please contact me at or (386)478-3430 at any time. If you wait until April 10th, the immediate calender (especially for tutoring services and IEP accompaniment) may well be full and working toward the beginning of May!


Mikel Cumiskey, Sr.

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