Status update!

Things are moving rapidly at CEG; everywhere we go, somebody needs our assistance. This is what we were hoping for, but we are excited to begin meeting a diversity of needs within the educational community. Our tutoring roster is currently full, which is what we thought might happen since our services are currently free of charge. We also have met with over a dozen families concerning educational planning needs–from pre-K through college. We are excited to say that in all cases we have been able to roll up our sleeves together and begin work. We have also contracted six tutors to begin working with clients on June 10th–and have been surprised how many families do feel they need these services over the summer months. It is important from the get-go (as Mikel Cumiskey would say) to understand that our tutors are tutors. They range in age, education, and experience. They will set their prices, but we will act as a clearinghouse in finding the correct tutor for a given client. For example, tutors may be persons who are working on an Associate’s degree at Daytona State, or an individual with thirty years of experience in the local public school system, with a terminal degree. They are tutors. Be aware, they don’t necessarily have classroom teaching experience. All of this will be discussed at intake.

I highly recommend that if you need our help in the coming days, you contact us soon. The calender fills!

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