A school meeting toolkit, free from CEG! ALL FIVE CURRENTLY OUT–fill out form if you need to borrow one

Although we only currently have five of these for parents to borrow, this little CEG item is going to be free for parents to borrow, from now on. It will be a process to see how this works out, as it is an honor system. You can contact us using the form below and plan a handoff. If all five are checked out, we can advise you in constructing your own. Parents/guardians will just be expected to return the box to CEG when finished with it. I hope we can afford to keep these stocked and available, we’ll see!

Toolkits contain:

a copy of the current Florida Statutes and State Board of Education Rules (Red Book)

A CEG guide to who’s who in Volusia County Schools with names and email addresses

A variety of CEG seating charts

A disk with current CEG power points for parents, including Kate’s Tools for School series

A sign-in sheet for those who check out the box to leave their contact information for each other, to build a network of support (optional)

Box of tips– 3 x 5 cards where toolkit borrowers can share thoughts, ideas, helpful tips (screened by CEG)

Two digital recorders with backup batteries (we advise recording your meetings so you can share the conversation with those in your family who can’t make the meeting. You MUST notify the district if you are doing this ahead of time so they can record if they wish, as well. There is a guide in the box how to handle the notification.)

Please try to contact us as soon as you know you might need to borrow a toolkit, as there are materials within it which you might wish to spend time with prior to your meeting. Use the form below. These are popular.

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