Summer tutoring

Despite being incredibly busy with a full roster of school meetings, the support group, and six evenings a week of tutoring, I thought I should check the calendar and do a “head’s up!” post regarding summer.



Summer tutoring is filling up rapidly. If you would like me, Kate Cumiskey, to be your child’s tutor for summer, you need to fill out the form below, and in the comments outline what you are requesting, including number of days per week with ALL dates listed; length of sessions requested; any blackout dates you have; and time of day for the sessions. The location will be your home or place of business. Please specify. In other words, now is the time to let us know your wishes for summer tutoring. My schedule is filling up, but we do have other tutors I can recommend to work with your child if my roster is full by the time you get back to me.  No client who has accessed tutoring and/or consulting during our free trial period is obligated to continue the relationship. Please use the form below, and include your full name at the end of your comment with the words “name typed as signature” beneath.


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