During our free trial period at CEG, we have found that what we hoped would happen, did; word is out and we have plenty of business for the upcoming summer months. This is a notice to our current clients who wish to continue tutoring & consulting services over the summer to revisit the terms of service under “How we work” so that you are up-to-date on payment and scheduling information. Remember, if you wish to have tutoring services your payment is due before your first session as a paying client; payment will be accepted in the form of check or cash at your final free tutoring session.

It is a good idea to use the form below to send us any questions–these go directly to e-mail and remain confidential. You may also call (386)478-3430. It is very important that all clients follow the guidelines under “How we work”; we really would love to be able to continue to offer services free of charge but that just isn’t realistic. Our prices are extremely low, so we will not offer a sliding scale. We did a conference with Children’s Medical Services this week, as they were requesting that we offer consulting and tutoring based on ability to pay. Unfortunately, we cannot, but have priced our services with an eye toward making them affordable for as many people possible. Although it is fine for you to refer friends to us, we do not even need to advertise as word has spread. For that we thank you!

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