Direct Social Skills Training

We will offer a social skills training group for teens 14-17 years old this summer. The group has two spots left; this is for teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have a diagnosis of what is formerly Asperger’s. There will be four teens in the group, which meets from 5:30-6:30 on Tuesdays in New Smyrna Beach. Parents are required to stay but will be able to interact with each other away from the teens. The cost is $5 per session, payable the week before. There will be additional costs for the activities, which may include bowling, eating out, playing pool, playing board games. This is available for clients who are receiving tutoring through CEG, only; parents must go to the link “How we work” and follow the steps there in order for their teen to participate.

As I said, there are two spots left in this small group. If you are interested, please become a follower on the website, and fill out the form below. This group will run throughout the summer beginning June 23rd. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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