Gun violence and education, a CEG perspective

Here at CEG, we have had a recent discussion regarding how helpless we feel to effect change in the United States regarding gun violence. We strongly feel that guns don’t belong in educational settings. Therefore, it is a CEG decision that we will ask tutoring and educational planning clients prior to any planned home meeting if they have guns in the home. If so, we will not enter the home. If the client would still like to meet for tutoring or planning, we can do it in a public place such as a local library.

We have strong ties to both Charleston and to Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Kate’s younger sister was a professor at the College of Charleston for twelve years, before moving to Sandy Hook—for the schools, there–with her husband and two small sons, the August before the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary. Carol Ann, Kate’s sister, is clearly devastated for both her communities. She is a professor at Fairfield University. She is deeply involved in trying to effect change in the rate of gun violence in the nation. One of her best friends is the Poet Laureate of South Carolina, Marjory Wentworth. Our hearts go out to both communities; but more, we feel a strong need to do something to make the people of our own communities and our nation sit up and take notice of what their selfish, archaic refusal to see the truth allows. While it is people who choose to use guns to kill, where there are less guns there are less gun deaths. It is our choice to affect our own society in this small way; by refusing to enter homes with guns. We will trust our clients to be truthful with us about this.

If you are interested in reading some of the writing from the inside of the communities of Sandy Hook and Charleston, here are links to Carol Ann’s and Marjory’s work. We covet your prayers for Charleston, and we ask you to please consider the innocents who are slaughtered needlessly in our gun-saturated society.

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