Current Clients

Just a few quick points, and thank you for meeting the requirement in our contract to follow this website; it is much simpler for us to share general information this way than to contact each of you–it also doesn’t waste time when we meet, which you are paying for.

For the next few weeks we are booked solid, with absolutely no time to flex on tutoring or planned meetings, so it is very important that you stick with the times, and locations, we have planned together. In other words, if we have planned to tutor at your home, and you wish to switch to a different location, that may not be possible due to travel time and the location of our next, or previous, appointment.

If you haven’t done so lately, please revisit “how we work” as if you cancel a scheduled appointment for any reason other than illness, you forfeit your fee for that appointment. Payment for tutoring is due in advance, not the day of service. In other words, you need to be paid ahead, and pay for your next session at the end of a session.

If you need something from us, including materials or recommendations or referrals, you must follow the path of e-mail or filling out the form on the website, or calling. We cannot fill requests texted to us or sent over social media. This is for record keeping and professionalism of service.

Our free ASD hotline is open daily, M-F, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.

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