Happy July!

Hello! It has been a while since we updated, but CEG has been very busy.  A comment, then a few notes. CEG has a singular, unified point of view on education. We are not, as other posts have covered, trying to meet the needs of every needy student out there. We are biased in many ways, and freely admit it! CEG feels that it is important for students to become life-long learners, and also to learn to deal with a diversity of individuals which reflects as closely as possible the real, present-day society. Also, we have agreed as a company to not enter homes in which there are guns. This is a moral and safety concern for our organization, not an infringement on anyone’s rights. All of this is made very clear to our customers, and the point is, if it bothers you, don’t ask for our help. There have been a couple of complaints on social media (CEG doesn’t have a social media presence), but frankly we don’t need the business of people who find the above objectionable. In other words, if your political position is so important to you that you want to try to persuade us to it, please don’t waste our time and yours.

A few notes:

Thank you for all of your kind feedback and comments. You will notice that I haven’t been posting them here (or posting anything else!) While the feedback was a requirement during our free trial period, it is no longer one. The purpose was to build our reputation and our business, and to tell the truth we have been a bit overwhelmed and are not currently taking any referrals for tutoring. We had two tutors on hold to begin working with us June 10th, which they did, and all four of us are completely booked, currently. Jacob is away in Maine for the summer, but will be back for a few consultations and professional development presentations in August, but he too is booked.

This doesn’t mean we can’t help! Fifteen minute phone consultations remain free of charge, as ever, and the Aspie Spoken Here Hotline is in full swing. We also have eight hours a week set aside for consultative services, so do call if you need to set an appointment for individualized consultation.

Our Monday face-to-face support group has capped out at 12 individuals, and there is a waiting list for a second group (this is for parents of special needs students, whether public, private, or home schooled). If you would like to be added to that list, just fill out the form. Our Tuesday social skills group is also full, and capped at four individuals. We bowl and have moved on to working on outdoor Florida skills as well, including canoeing and trail walking.

PEERS for fall is full! Yes! We are excited to be a PEERS trainer. We were thinking of doing a group for adults in spring. Let us know if you are interested. See our posts about PEERS for that.

Please don’t forget about blackout dates; Kate is presenting at several conferences in the fall and spring. Tutoring as scheduled will continue with both Linda and Jim during blackout times, but Mikel and Kate will be away. If you would like Linda or Jim to see if they can fit you into their schedule during blackouts, fill out the form to let us know.

Thank you again for all the support, and for your business! We could not have done this without all of you, our dear customers. Again, although we will help in any way we can, we aren’t asking for referrals at this point. We want to make certain that we give our current customers the best possible service. If demand for tutors continues to exceed our expectations, we will look for more excellent tutors to work with us. Thank you again for your support, and for trusting CEG with your educational needs.

2 thoughts on “Happy July!

  1. Thanks Angie,
    I am really happy we took this scary leap! We are having so much fun, and working with some truly amazing students. One of the surprising things is (and there are frequent surprises!) many of our clients are adults. It is great to be able to provide direct services, and to use my contacts within the schools to help out both the schools and the students. Unification, rather than the defensiveness I’d experienced when with CARD, is the key. So nice to work with wonderful school personnel who park their egos when it comes to helping students. Altogether, we are enjoying ourselves and meeting amazing people. My faith in the system is also being restored as I realize in my previous job I was just stuck in a bad spot.


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