New consultants at CEG!

Cumiskey Education Group is excited to welcome three new consultants to our team. Next week, posts will be up with more information on these excellent individuals who have agreed to accept clients from CEG. We are busier than we expected to be, and this will give us an opportunity to say “yes” to more people who need CEG services!

Others will be announced soon, but since she is already helping CEG clients, we’d like to tell you about Callista O’Connell. Ms. O’Connell has been helping instruct the parent class for our PEERS series. She is doing an excellent job and will be working with us in our spring PEERS class as well. She also assists with our Tuesday night social group for adults with the form of autism formerly known as Asperger’s.

CEG has recently had requests for services from families and schools in Lake, Flagler, and Marion counties and Ms. O’Connell has agreed to meet the needs of those families and educators. This is truly exciting as we hate to turn down those in need of assistance. She is available in those counties for consultations with IEP planning, homeschool evaluations, and professional development. Look for more from Ms. O’Connell, right here, next week.

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