From our community at CEG!

CEG is developing quite a community! We don’t always get to working on the website, because frankly that isn’t really where our priorities are, but sometimes, something comes up we are asked to share or are compelled to. Below is our first guest blog post by a client. First, though, I’d like to share a call which came in to our hotline from a teacher.

Briefly; a teacher asked our own ASD experts for some assistance with a ticklish situation. There was a student she felt definitely needed an IEP, but who was found ineligible by the team. The teacher was frustrated and chafing, because not only does the student (and the teacher!) need an IEP in her professional opinion–due to a myriad of very real issues related to autism–but she felt some members of the  team were condescending in repeatedly using the term “medically” diagnosed at the meeting. As the teacher knew, this is a misleading statement because there is no other kind of diagnosis. As she said to us, “That is like saying to a parent, I know your child is medically diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, but s/he is ineligible for services due to the fact that s/he is not failing any classes.” What to do?

Firstly, we encouraged the teacher to continue to seek answers and applaud her for going the extra mile for her student. Then, our ASD experts offered her several strategies from the inside of autism! We encouraged her, as well, to go ahead and plan regular meetings with the parents just as if the child actually has the needed document in place, and to work together to come up with simple strategies she can implement even without the support of the district.

That’s just a brief summary, as we would like to devote most of this post to our guest parent, and humbly thank her for allowing us to be part of her child’s educational journey. CEG, for the Cumiskey family, was started due to a scary leap of faith and much prayer. We are grateful that God lets us know we are on the right track by bringing wonderful families, teachers, and administrators to us. Thank you all for your business and faith. I asked the parent to share a post about the Asperger’s Experts, and this is what she chose to share. Tears of gratitude, right here.
My name is Lisa Yocke and I am the mother to a beautiful eight year old daughter. Alanna is a Godly child with Asperger’s, anxiety, ADD and sensory integration. Our journey has been long and hard with wonderful moments in between. We recently moved from Virginia, which is Alanna’s home, into my parents’ in New Smyrna Beach. We will live here until we buy our own home. Alanna went to a small Christian private school since she was 2 1/2 years old in our Church, so this was our home and family until August 15 of this year. We had just found the best team of providers in Virginia who listened, tested. and diagnosed Alanna this year. This is very hard to do as I am sure anyone reading this knows. This transfer has been extremely difficult for my family, especially Alanna. Many mornings I have beat myself up thinking this was the wrong decision. Chisholm Elementary staff has been exceptional at following what they can on the recommended IEP from one of the top neuropsychologists in VA. Alanna is transitioning better than we expected because of their caring attention to her needs. However, as you know it only takes one bad moment in the body of an Aspie to change all of that!

The Lord has led me to Kate Cumiskey. That is an amazing, give you chills, story in itself. Once I reached out to Kate she immediately replied with recommendations and most of all her understanding. Kate has a child with the same struggles which is so comforting and such a relief to me. I have heard so many times, “If we didn’t know we would have never guessed.” This is because Alanna is “Pretending to be Normal”. If you have not read that book you should! And when they get home to their safe place they meltdown from all the sensory input throughout their day. So Moms usually see the worst side of what they go through. And ladies, for the record, IT IS NOT OUR FAULT! WE ARE THEIR SAFE PLACE!! Alanna thrives in a structured environment academically, well in her past anyways, with accommodations. The public sector is one of trial at this time. However, a prime example by not getting an IEP yet, was last week. Alanna was expected to take a test in a different place than she was told (sensory anxiety kicks in), in a class full of kids she did not know (sensory anxiety takes over) and she was set up for failure. And she did. For the first time in her life. Of course the staff didn’t want that. They truly care for Alanna. But without an IEP, (we are still waiting for an eligibility meeting), the staff cannot truly understand Alanna’s needs. Every child with Asperger’s is unique. Not one is the same. It is critical to have an IEP so everyone knows how to create a safe environment for Alanna to succeed. I have hired Kate to be at our meeting and I am confidant she will be there for my family as this is a foreign road to us. Our first meeting we have had to have. EVER!

This site Aspergers Experts is one I just came across last week. I have learned so much already. I hope all of you sign up, support these two great Aspie’s and learn as much as you can. And I also highly recommend CEG to be the rock we all need! Kate understands and she is a fighter for not only what she believes is right for our Aspie community, but what should be in place for us without a debate!! Thank you Kate for caring for my family!!!!

God Bless,
Lisa Yocke

AND here’s the link to those experts:

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  1. I have been working with and using the Aspergers Experts programs for almost two years. Like this mom I highly recommend them. They are a wonderful resource. I’m going to their seminar in March in Boston and I cant wait😄

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