Mark your calenders!

Donna’s! Conveniently located at 323 Canal Street in downtown New Smyrna.

Beginning Monday, October 19th, CEG consultants will be available for free consultations at Donna’s Canal Creamery in New Smyrna Beach on Monday evenings from six until eight! We prefer to have community members who need assistance with higher education planning to come by during the first hour, and those who need help with K-12 concerns to visit during the second. This is a free service for the general public.

A few things to keep in mind: this is a public space, so be prepared to discuss your concerns in a relaxed, casual, public setting. For more private issues, a phone call to CEG, or an e-mail to schedule one, is best. If there is a waiting line, we ask you to please be patient and limit your discussion to fifteen minutes. Bring a pencil and pad of paper to take notes, and any paperwork you would like us to have a look at. If you think your concerns will take a while, bring a copy of your paperwork and come back again next week, too! If there’s nobody waiting for service from CEG, you are welcome to use our time until someone is. If you bring children–and you are welcome to—just watch them closely, the outside tables are close to the road and CEG consultants will be too busy to help with supervision, although we may have some toys and games to help pass the time! Please be gracious to our business partner, Donna’s Canal Creamery, and consider purchasing a treat or drink. Without Donna, this free service would not be possible.

Some of the issues we can help with include:

  • Understanding financial aid and FAFSA
  • What college is right for me/my child?
  • How can dual enrollment work for me?
  • What college schedule will work best for me/my child?
  • What can I expect at an eligibility meeting for an IEP?
  • What resources and supports are available for me and for my student?
  • How do I ensure my child receives appropriate service in public school? In private school?

These are only a few of the concerns we have encountered since opening our doors, and your concerns are as individualized as you are! For in depth issues, please consider simply dropping by the coffee shop to discuss the best schedule for CEG to work with you, keeping in mind that many of our services are, and will remain, free of charge. Like these casual coffee shop sessions!

We, and you, have several corporate sponsors to thank for making this possible; they will be listed on the posters and web page advertising these sessions and it is our sincere hope that if this turns out to be helpful to you, you’ll express your gratitude to them with a note of encouragement.

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