Some housekeeping chores, or, there’s a bad moon on the rise

This post is an fyi for current tutoring clients.

Something was in the air last week, but each of our six tutors had at least one cancellation of a tutoring appointment. Because some of our consultants work for themselves, and merely get referrals from CEG, I promised them I’d clarify some issues with payment to try to ensure these embarrassing situations don’t happen again. Why embarrassing? Because the consultants were contacted and asked if the client “had” to pay for a missed session. Not wanting to be the bad guys, they mostly said “no,” and lost not only pay but the time which could have been used for a tutoring session with another student.

Please don’t ask if you must pay for a session you cancel due to anything other than illness. You are more than welcome to include in your contracting form–which you fill out at the beginning of the relationship on this website–an ending date for the tutoring sessions, and your tutor can plan and contract with others accordingly. Kate did have one parent who cancelled due to the student’s illness, and you will never forfeit your paid-at-least-one-session-ahead fee in that case. A “thank you” shout out to that parent; you know who you are. Since illness can come on rapidly, you can cancel due to that right up until the session. However, no matter how compelling your other obligations may be, if you have contracted you do lose the fee for that session if the student is not ill.

We appreciate the personal and positive relationships which develop between our consultants and the families they work with. Please don’t put CEG professionals in the position of having to call Kate and ask, “Mrs. Jones had to go out of town and can’t get Susie to her Monday session, and asked me to apply the fee to Wednesday. What can I do?” While most (not all) of our tutors last week chose a one time free cancel, please don’t put them in this position again. All told, this was a loss to tutors of more than two hundred dollars, as they didn’t have time to fill those slots with other clients, and they were mostly one-time cancels anyhow, so the spot needed to be held for the next week.

Also, please use the form on the website under “how we work” to contact your tutor, or e-mail Kate, and she will contact them for you. Don’t forget, you are responsible for keeping up with blackout dates for CEG listed on the website. We do have a business phone, but it rotates between consultants on duty on a given day. You can leave a message with the consultant on duty or on the voicemail if that person is on the phone; make sure you include the name of the tutor the message is for. Texting to that number doesn’t work as well, as the consultant on duty may not know who you are or who is working with you. CEG consultants don’t give out their personal numbers, so keep in mind that messages you leave should not be confidential from the consultant on duty. Our hours are 8am-8pm and the number is (386)478-3430.

Please revisit the post “how we work” for any needed clarification.

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