Positive outcomes is what CEG is about


The smile which makes it all worthwhile! We took quite a risk opening our business, but that smile makes it all worth our while. Second grader Sam Hillier belongs on a stage, and was very comfortable accepting his BUG (Bringing Up Grades) award. Sam loves to act and often can be found with speaking or singing roles at the Little Theater in New Smyrna Beach. He is an excellent role model for other actors, and that’s just one of Sam’s strengths. CEG works with Sam by using high interest materials, such as his scripts and books about dragons, to increase reading fluency.

CEG doesn’t work with students whose parents or guardians prefer not to sign a Mutual Exchange of Information with the stakeholders in the student’s education. Why? Because bringing up grades is all about teaming. And you can’t team without trust and communication. Sam is a lead member of his own educational team, and is always given control in his tutoring sessions: we listen to Sam, design materials which push his current skills to higher levels, and which engage him. He gets to choose which activities he completes first. In that way, Sam feels invested in his own progress. Empowering the student is a key factor with CEG. We also regularly work with his other team members: parents and teachers. Sam is a blessed young man to have family behind him all the way, with a realistic take on both his strengths and his needs. Onward!

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