CEG College Visit!


We are excited to announce that our first out-of-state college open house visit with a Volusia County Schools graduating senior was a stellar success! CEG met with the student,Winter; her parent, and her guidance counselor at New Smyrna Beach High School to plan and prepare for the visit, then we hit the road for lovely Swannanoa, North Carolina to check out Warren Wilson College. CEG is a family business, and consultant Jacob Cumiskey is a senior, graduating this semester from Wilson, so we had a knowledgeable CEG guide. Jimmy Cumiskey, also interested in Wilson, accompanied us as well. It was a personalized, customized visit just for Winter!

NSB senior Winter Russell, a fantastic artist, seemed very impressed with the fact that the Wilson ceramics lab is open 24 hours a day, so if she attends and the spirit moves her, she can work at any hour. For a student of the arts, environment is crucial, and the campus was absolutely stunning with the changing leaves. Wilson is a unique college in that students work on campus fifteen hours a week, attend classes, and are required to complete 100 volunteer hours during their tenure, there. The college’s farm is fantastic; it was rated one of the best college farms in the nation this year. There’s a link about that, below. A small school, Wilson enjoys academic rigor with small classes. We enjoyed meals prepared by students using Wilson organic vegetables and meats. Winter was unsure about choosing to go with Early Decision, but after the visit, she was positive. She can’t wait to visit again, with her mother. CEG will be there for Winter and her mother, and will work with them, and her teachers and counselor, to make sure Winter’s application and academic plan for the rest of the year prepare her for an exciting freshman year. We will also help her with the sometimes-daunting financial aid process.

Here’s a quote from Winter: “I visited the Warren Wilson College 2015 Fall Open House with Jimmy and Kate just a bit over a week ago and I am still astonished by the beautiful environment in Asheville. We arrived at night after a long trip, and woke up to being just slightly late to a tour of the courses that WWC offers. Jimmy and I separated as he’s into environmental studies and I’m more involved with all things art. When I regrouped with Kate and Jimmy I was overwhelmed by all the amazing things I had seen, heard and wanted to tell them about. I had never imagined that a place like Wilson had even existed, and I am incredibly thankful to Kate for taking me.”

And, here’s one of Winter’s beautiful sculptures:


A few photographs of Warren Wilson, including the pedestrian bridge across Warren Wilson Road (made by students on the blacksmith shop work crew); the view from it of the road bisecting campus; and one of the pastures on campus with a maple in full, fall flame.


view from bridge


Warren Wilson College Farm among “The 40 Best College Farms in America”

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