Mondays at Donna’s Canal Creamery


Please don’t forget about our free Monday night consulting at Donna’s Canal Creamery in New Smyrna on Canal Street, six until eight in the evening. Since we started these last month, they have been a remarkable success, well attended, and that tells us there is a need. This week, we even had a spy; very funny, but lets us know CEG is being effective. Keeping that in mind, please remember that when you consult with us in public, you are in fact in public, and you never can tell who is overhearing your concerns. That’s okay–it is entirely up to you what you wish to discuss at these Monday meetings. If you have more private concerns, please don’t forget that phone consultations are free as well.

Thank you so much for coming to us with your educational needs and concerns. We are humbled by the faith you have put in us to assist, and truly believe that together we can turn the tide of negativity which has lately permeated some relationships which affect our greatest asset as a community–the children who will lead it in the future.

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