Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We at CEG would like to take a few moments to wish our clients and followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The year is coming rapidly to a close and it has been a wonderful year to start a consulting business. Many interesting and unexpected situations have come our way, and we are grateful to have been able to assist in many while at the same time keeping our focus on helping only those we can; those who are willing to team in a positive way for their own or their child’s educational needs to be met.

Next year, CEG has several changes coming. Firstly, a couple of congratulations are in order: Jacob graduated on Friday with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Warren Wilson College! Jacob’s degree is in creative writing, with a minor in education, so if you’d enjoy reading some of his published work just google “Jacob Cumiskey.” We are very proud of Jacob, who continues his work in Professional Development seminars for teachers of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. He will also be contributing a chapter to a nonfiction book Kate is editing (our next congrats), entitled Tales Out of School: Students, parents, and professionals on why students with ASD are leaving public schools in Florida. Kate’s agent is excited about the book, due out in 2016, and called it the “Help” of public education! The book is composed of essays told first person regarding specific cases and issues surrounding the choice to remove students with ASD from the public school setting, but the individual chapters act as a prism shining light on the question. They are written by students, parents, speech language pathologists, teachers, therapists and school and district-level administrators.  Kate is enjoying editing them.

That said, our spring, due to the book deadline, will necessarily be scaled back a bit. While tutoring is ramped up during the break, Kate won’t be taking on new clients after the first of the year until the book is turned over to the publisher. Mikel and Jacob are both available for additional tutoring clients. See “How we work” for details. We continue our consulting and free professional development services. Our winter PEERS class is postponed until March, and we thank the families who made the fall class such a success! UCF CARD and Volusia County Schools are offering a PEERS class after the break. At least one of the individuals conducting that training is a PEERS certified trainer.

Also look for our offices to open on Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach by June 1st! Have a lovely, lovely Christmas.



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