We had a client ask how to get involved with PEERS through Volusia County Schools/CARD collaboration. We’ve honestly forgotten who asked (sorry) but did manage to get the flyer. Apparently, the class is ongoing and full. We have several clients whose children qualified, and are registered with CARD, but didn’t get the flyer. Maybe send CARD a note so you get on the next list. It doesn’t say who’s teaching the class or if they are PEERS certified. We hope this helps.


PEERS Volusia Spring 2016


4 thoughts on “PEERS

    1. Thanks! I hope he likes it. It is a little confusing as the flyer says teenagers but it also includes sixth graders? Also, I don’t know if Lisa is PEERS certified, but Sheila Harlacher is; isn’t she doing this with Sheila? The class we did in Fall was full, and CARD says this one is, too. Much needed!


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