Thank you

After two meetings with school district personnel yesterday, we would like to say a simple, “Thank you” to those who have had the faith in us to entrust CEG with your educational concerns. As you all know, we are big fans of Volusia County Schools. The local school districts face, in recovering from the economic crisis and facing uncertain fiscal times ahead, myriad puzzles to solve in best meeting the needs of students and those who serve them. Meeting these challenges requires not only creative and innovative thinking, but a foundation of education and knowledge which comes from experience and the ability to park ego and work together. The fact that we as a private organization were granted these meetings to address specific, private issues speaks to the willingness of local administrators.

There’s an awful lot in the media about the state of education (local as well as national) currently. There’s lots of talk on social media about the role of educators and administrators in education. We believe that education, while for many a calling, is a profession. We have faith in the professionalism of local educators. We believe that thrashing the school boards for addressing policy issues, as is their job, is unproductive. We believe in speaking with your vote and in addressing specific issues with individuals whose job it is to solve them, then entrusting them to do so. Thank you to those students, parents, teachers, and administrators who have chosen CEG to not only explore your educational journey with you, but to speak for you with the fine educators in our local public school system. Your confidence (and confidentiality) is always in our minds when we speak for you with educators. One leap of faith we take is that, because they are professionals, educators, too, respect the right to confidentiality. Yesterday we sadly uncovered a breach of that professionalism on the part of some administrators. We make the pledge to you, our clients, to not only get to the bottom of this breach of faith but to work with the fine people of VCS and DOE to educate, and reeducate, on the meaning of  “professional.”

Again, we believe in VCS. We know that people are people, and without mistakes learning would not happen! While this is a stumbling block for those involved, it is also a starting block. We all have weaknesses and make mistakes. Sometimes, a leap of faith is necessary. Thank you for trusting us to be your “pit bulls” in the local education community.



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