Update for current clients

Hello all! Just a couple of reminders for current clients. Please, please don’t forget to read everything on the website. This is where, per the contract you signed when beginning the relationship with CEG, blackout dates are posted. If your tutor doesn’t show for an appointment, before calling the office please check the website to see if perhaps you missed a blackout date. These should be marked on your calendar. If you have paid ahead one week, as required, and a blackout date occurs, your fee is pushed to cover your next tutoring date. If you cancel two or more sessions in a row for reasons other than illness, you may lose your time and/or day for tutoring and need to contact us to renegotiate the relationship.

I’m posting the remark about blackout dates prior to posting our summer ones. They will be up by the end of this week.

Please also remember, if you cancel for reasons other than illness, you forfeit the fee for that session. You can cancel for illness right up until tutoring time, though! If you cancel for another reason (and “illness” means illness of the person being tutored, not their parent, guardian, or driver), please get the fee for the next session to your tutor prior to that next session. All of this is outlined in “How we work.” Happy May to all of our wonderful clients!

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