Quick point of clarity for clients

In ironing out our summer schedule, several clients have asked about a different mode of tutoring for summer, including homework and curricula for parents to work at home with their children. As a point of clarification, tutoring is billed at the (lower) tutoring rate for face-time. If we need to do research, assessment, and curriculum design for you to use at home with your child, that is billed at the (higher) consulting rate. As well, since it is not face-to-face tutoring time, if we plan and send work home with your child and then assess that before moving forward, homework, that time spent by your consultant is billed at that consulting rate as well.

These are actually two separate at-home things, educationally speaking: homework by design should always be merely fluency building on skills your child has mastered–work he or she can do independently without your assistance. Curricula you would use to teach your child at home, as well as educating you in guided practice, is more complex and time consuming for the educator, so would be more expensive for you.

We can provide these services, but, again, they would be billed at the consulting rate in your contract.

Please see the previous blog post for excellent tips in working with your child over the summer to prepare for next school year!

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