CEG dates for the upcoming school year

It’s amazing! The school year rapidly approaches and we thought we’d better put up our upcoming blackout dates. Please keep in mind that you are allowed to take up to three weeks off of tutoring per school year outside, or if you choose to, within, the following dates without payment penalty. Beyond that and sick days, you will be charged the hourly rate for missed sessions. Those three weeks need to be taken in blocks of not less than a week at a time, and we need to be informed ahead of time. In other words, if your child is scheduled Mondays and Fridays for an hour, you can’t take off Mondays and Fridays for two weeks here, and four weeks there, and count that because it is only ten missed tutoring days. Please understand that we have to plan as any business does for our financial needs and that includes keeping to schedule as much as possible; our vacation policy is generous. Please inform yourself and don’t ask your tutor to make exceptions for anything other than illness and true emergencies such as a death in the family.


August 15-19

September 5 & 22

October 6-7

November 21-25

December 26-30

January 16

February 20

April 3-19

Please put these dates on your calendars, and thank you!





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