Even a word or two

As many of you know, I am now back with Volusia County Schools, teaching. My husband is at one high school and I am at another, and the simplest answer as to why is, we needed the financial benefit of the split-family insurance! It saves us well over a thousand dollars a month.

I am LOVING teaching senior English. I am at a wonderful school with literally the finest students I’ve ever worked with. As many of my friends and followers know, my dream as a teacher is to create life-long learners; and since I have “had” to do lots of professional development as a “new” teacher (I’ve taught English as an ESE teacher, as a coteacher,and as a college professor at two universities, but this is my first year as a senior English, general education K-12 teacher! Exciting for me!), I am enjoying it and realizing I am a life-long learner.

I’ve been teaching a long time, and the more I do the less I know. Let me explain that. There’s so much, out there, to learn; and, the older I get the more I realize that due to new discoveries and technologies and inquiring minds, I need to work HARDER to keep up. I need to be open to learning. So, as much as I can, I access the fabulous learning opportunities offered to me through professional development.

There is an issue which, to me, is disturbing in the media (social, academic, and popular), and pervasive. There seems to be a perception–and I include my VCS professional development classes in this–that “free and reduced” is an indicator of poverty. It simply isn’t so, and leads with a ripple effect to all sorts of erroneous perceptions and even policy implementations. I’ll explain.

If your child attends VCS, and you have one child, you can make up to $37,295 annually and your child can receive reduced lunch (with three in the household–if you are a single parent the amount is $29,635). If you have three children, the amount is $52,613–$44,954 for a single parent. Think about that for a moment. That isn’t poverty level. Yet, we think of (and speak of professionally as well as socially, that’s important!) “free and reduced” as a synonym for “poor.” That’s wrong.

Here are the federal poverty guidelines for 2015:

2015 Federal Poverty Guidelines – 48 Contiguous States & DC
Persons in Household 100% Federal Poverty Level Medicaid eligibility* threshold 138% FPL
1 $11,770 $16,243
2 15,930 21,984
3 20,090 27,725
4 24,250 33,465

So, our example families are nearly 200% ABOVE the national poverty level. This is a big, big problem, this misinformation. Think about it. See what I mean?

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