Our current focus-homeless teenagers

This month, with two others I led a workshop for teachers and administrators in how to best serve homeless and unaccompanied high school students within our classrooms. We here at CEG have decided to make this issue—teen homelessness in Volusia County—our singular focus until we have strong impact on the problem.

The most powerful educating at this workshop, and it was an excellent one with all participants working together, took place while we listened to and asked questions of one of my copresenters. She is a Daytona State College education student, and was a VCS unaccompanied student. Because of the response of the group, we are forming a district-wide cadre to share ideas and problem solve. If you would like to participate, you first need to come to the training, which will be repeated toward the end of summer. Please contact me to add your name to the list; we can do this. Please read my previous blog post on this website to read more about this remarkable young woman’s story, and to read tips from the INSIDE of homelessness for educators.

The picture below is of one of my sons, used with his permission. But, keep in mind, there are over 2,000 identified homeless students attending Volusia schools. How many are unidentified? My guess is, at least twice that number. And many of them look just like Jimmy, your typical NSB teenager. Homelessness is often completely invisible, especially in our classrooms. On purpose.







Photographer: Olivia Quinn 

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