A heartfelt “thank you” to those of you who have trusted us to help with your educational concerns. Several clients have requested a particular page on which to post their comments–this is it! Please feel free to post it in Leave a Reply below; there will be a delay until we have time to sit down, read, and approve for publication, here, your feedback. Please be aware that this is a public site, so keep confidential information that way as you wish; your e-mail address will appear to us but not to readers. Also, if you wish to read the comments, you have to click that button to open them. A “comments” button will not appear at the bottom of the page until there is at least one comment. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “CEG Success Stories & Feedback

  1. Kate came to my sons IEP meeting with me. I’m so grateful for her support and is a wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much for your help and advice!

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  2. Kate came with my husband and I to my daughters’ IEP and I am so thankful she did! Not only does she know the right questions to ask but she also offers you full support throughout the meeting. We will definitely be asking her to come along again in the future. Thank you Kate!

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    1. Danielle, it was joy to work with you! You were so articulate at the meeting and a terrific advocate for your charming daughter. You, your hubby, and that all-star teacher did a super job. I was honored to be included and look forward to hearing all about your little one’s future accomplishments.


  3. A parent e-mailed and asked me to post this:
    “Our son needs extra academic help and when we realized the traditional school system and curriculum was not an optimum setting for him we sought private tutoring and asked Kate for help. We were new to the IEP process and when in a meeting we didn’t know our rights, our available resources or the questions we should be asking.
    Kate was able to sit side by side with us guiding us in the right direction. As a result we were able to acquire the most beneficial interventions for our son and prioritize his needs. Without Kate I’m afraid that our son’s learning plan would have been postponed to the point of him continuing to regress, as he was already at that stage. I strongly feel that Kate was able to expedite the process, decisions and approval regarding our sons learning plan.”


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