Please do feel free to contact us on this site, e-mail Kate at, or call (386)478-3430 to schedule an initial phone conference to discuss your and your child’s needs and unique situation.

Please be aware that our perspective is one of positivity and empowerment. We do not engage in advocacy, as that tends to cause defensiveness and inefficiency, a turning away from working together for the best benefit to the student. Advocacy has its place; we can refer families to advocates who will work with you. Our goal is to get everyone on the same side of the table in difficult educational planning situations, and roll up our sleeves and work together. This was one of Kate’s tasks when she was Acting Programs and Placement Administrator for Exceptional Student Education, Middle Schools, Mild–Varying Exceptionalities, Volusia County Schools. She has refined and enhanced her knowledge and expertise in this area while working for Pender Schools, North Carolina; the University of North Carolina; and the University of Central Florida’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. Professional, student, and parental references as to Kate’s perspective and abilities in this area are available on request.

We can advise you on preparing for an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meeting, determine strategies for academic success and recovery, help you find tutors or tutor your student ourselves, and accompany you to IEP meetings. We are also running a free parent support group for special needs students’ parents in Volusia County, and scheduling free workshops throughout the summer and beyond.




Please contact us at the above e-mail or phone, or fill out the form below:


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