Please do feel free to contact us on this site, e-mail Kate at, or call (386)478-3430 to schedule an initial phone conference to discuss your and your child’s needs and unique situation.

Please be aware that our perspective is one of positivity and empowerment. We do not engage in advocacy, as that tends to cause defensiveness and inefficiency, a turning away from working together for the best benefit to the student. Advocacy has its place; we can refer families to advocates who will work with you. Our goal is to get everyone on the same side of the table in difficult educational planning situations, and roll up our sleeves and work together. This was one of Kate’s tasks when she was Acting Programs and Placement Administrator for Exceptional Student Education, Middle Schools, Mild–Varying Exceptionalities, Volusia County Schools. She has refined and enhanced her knowledge and expertise in this area while working for Pender Schools, North Carolina; the University of North Carolina; and the University of Central Florida’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. Professional, student, and parental references as to Kate’s perspective and abilities in this area are available on request.

We can advise you on preparing for an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meeting, determine strategies for academic success and recovery, help you find tutors or tutor your student ourselves, and accompany you to IEP meetings. We are also running a free parent support group for special needs students’ parents in Volusia County, and scheduling free workshops throughout the summer and beyond.

This is our fee schedule:

Educational consulting, $60.00 per hour

IEP meetings, other school meetings, $60.00 per hour with a two hour minimum

Tutoring $40.00 per hour (currently at capacity; we can add you to our waiting list)

All clients need to send a message here that they have read and agree to the above fee schedule. Phone consultations under fifteen minutes will remain free. If we come to you, or a meeting you have contracted us to attend, fees begin when we sit down to meet. In other words, if you have an IEP or a parent/teacher conference at which you have asked for CEG appearance, we begin the fee clock as soon as a CEG rep sits at the table. If the meeting goes for an hour, the minimum fee above applies. If we meet for 2.2 hours, the fee will be $132. CEG stops charging the moment the parent rises from the table and leaves the room. If we exit the meeting and debrief with you after, you will not be charged for that time.

If we come to your place of business, home, or an agreed on meeting place to discuss educational concerns, give advice regarding your child’s education, review IEP or other documentation and advise, that fee falls under “Educational consulting” above, and is pro-rated at one dollar per minute. If you choose to send the paperwork with the consultant to review, the consultant will keep track of their time and bill at the consulting rate. Sometimes things get a bit muddy when it comes to, is it tutoring? Is it consulting? If we must do the research and testing to find out what materials to use with your child and what their educational level is, that is billed at the consultancy rate. If you hand us homework and/or written material from the child’s teacher as to what, specifically, the child needs to work on, that falls under the “tutoring” rate. Your CEG rep will let you know at time of service which rate you are falling under, as it may be both in a given session. Your tutor will structure time with your child, and breaks may be needed. Breaks fall within the tutoring hour and are part of the fee. 

If we are working with your home-schooled child under a curriculum which supplies all assignments, those hours will be billed as tutoring hours. If we must design or research and find curricula for your child, that is billed at the consulting rate. You must supply all materials in this case, including a computer if your child is working on an on-line program.

We do not charge for gas or travel time within the cities of Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, or Samsula (NSB). If our session takes your CEG rep beyond the New Smyrna exit on I-95, the county line on U.S. 1 to the south, or beyond the Rose Bay bridge on U.S. 1, travel time at a rate of $40 an hour (prorated to travel time) and a mileage fee of .40 a mile will be added to your bill. This is to include travel to and from for the rep.

Tutoring time must be paid for ahead. In other words, if you schedule a tutoring session from six to seven on a Monday evening, a check or cash payment of $40 per hour needs to be in hand with CEG the business day before, in this case Friday. On Monday, when scheduling the next session, even if it is the following week for example, the next payment is due. If you don’t show or you cancel the next session for reasons other than illness or emergency, it is a nonrefundable fee and you must pay CEG the next fee ahead of meeting for the next session. If you cancel due to illness or emergency, the in-hand fee will cover the following actual session. For students who meet with a CEG tutor more than twice weekly, the fee for the entire week is due the week before. In other words, if your child has tutoring Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-5, your tutor MUST be paid $120 on Friday to cover the next week. Before you being working with the tutor, one week should be paid ahead. If your child attends two sessions in that prepaid week, but is sick one day (and you let us know that!), your next fee will be reduced by $40 and you only need to pay $80 to cover the next full week.

All CEG clients can take three weeks off during the school year without paying for those weeks; parents can choose which and it is up to the families if they use that time during CEG blackout periods or not. You are of course not responsible to pay when CEG is in blackout. Some families choose those three weeks to be one for spring break, two for winter holiday. Also, families can take off all federal holidays without any missed session payment penalty. We do ask that you let us know which weeks you wish to take off from tutoring as soon as you know, as well as letting us know which holidays you want off.

All parties are responsible for letting others know of illness as soon as possible. If your CEG rep cancels, you have the choice of an immediate refund for that session or applying the fee to the next. If a CEG tutor comes to your home and someone is ill without prior notification/cancellation, the fee for that session will not be refunded, and the CEG representative will immediately terminate the session and exit. For clients under eighteen years old, a parent or legal guardian is required to remain IN THE ROOM for the entire tutoring session. If the parent leaves the room, the CEG tutor will leave as well. If you cannot agree to this stipulation, CEG cannot work with your student.

A term of service by CEG is that all clients become followers on this website. CEG client parents need to regularly check this website for information, and an individualized term of service may include recommendation that one or both parents attend our weekly support group, or that one or both parents attend some of our free professional development sessions. If you do not choose to follow these recommendations we may choose not to work with you. This is a matter of perspective, and we seek to respect your parameters by being up-front with ours. CEG doesn’t seek to serve all students in need, just those we can work with to maximum efficiency for learning and independence, educationally. Our tutoring fees and consultancy fees are comparatively low due to this selectivity. We are not for everybody. If we make recommendations, it is entirely up to you if you implement them. However, CEG may terminate the relationship at any time if we feel our assistance is not efficient for the student’s learning. Cumiskey Education Group, LLC is not responsible for parent choices regarding students’ educations; all CEG recommendations, written or oral, are recommendations only and parents/guardians retain sole responsibility for their decisions. Comments made in educational consulting sessions, whether at home or in school meetings, are recommendations only. CEG is not responsible for educational success or failure due to these recommendations.

If you agree to these terms of service, please send a statement to that effect including the phrase “I agree in full to the terms of service listed on the post entitled “How we work, including costs and contact information”, and followed by your full name followed by the statement “above name typed as signature” in the contact form below.



Please contact us at the above e-mail or phone, or fill out the form below:

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