Earlier this week, in a conversation regarding a flyer for an upcoming, CEG sponsored event, Dr. Daly at CARD asked me, “Why do you call it Edgewater Public? We have always just called that school, ‘Edgewater Elementary.'”

That question, because it is a good one, got me to thinking. Why do we call it ‘Edgewater Public’? Because, admittedly, we do that; Edgewater Public is our zoned school, which all of our children attended. I think of it as a secret jewel of a public school (not so secret here in Edgy, as those grown Cumiskey children call the town).

Edgewater Public is a fine, a very fine, school. You can easily look it up and read about its grade, etc, thanks to the internet. But, that doesn’t really tell the story of Edgewater Public. We call it that, in fact, because that is the actual name of the school. To my knowledge, and feel free to educate me if I am wrong, it is the only school in Volusia County with “Public” in the name. That’s rather important, to me.

I feel Edgewater Public is a true community school. Not only is the school involved in the community, the reverse is also true. And, at Cumiskey Education Group, we feel this is critically important to both. This relationship with the community is one factor which makes it a wonderful school. Another is the investment of the staff and faculty in the school. Just have a chat with Linda Sikes in the front office, who has dedicated a decades-long career to this school, and continues to serve with a wonderful smile and vast knowledge of her community! The teachers and staff stay, here. That is one of the outstanding factors.

Our grown children could visit the school and see many of their former teachers; Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Zavala, Mrs. Resheidat, Mrs. Bradley, Mr. Strouse….the list goes on and on! And, you can bet those community school teachers remember the children they taught. Even the teachers who didn’t actually teach them in class know all about our sons; just the other day Mrs. Tager and I were remembering Jimmy doing the morning news, and how when he was called over the loudspeaker in the morning from Mrs. Resheidat’s class to the media center, his principal or A.P. would say, “Jimmy Cumiskey, come to the media center and walk. Don’t run!” The faculty and staff at Edgewater Public school know their students. There’s no substitute for the investment of heart made by a community school.

All of that is to say, the first public event sponsored by Cumiskey Education Group is the community event for Autism Awareness at Edgewater Public at the end of this month. Please join us there! The walk will take place from the Pavilion at school to Hawk’s Park and back, very appropriate if you consider the history of the school. Below is the flyer, and below that, more about the history of this amazing school, taken from the school’s website.




Read about the school below, in a passage taken from the website of this very old, community, PUBLIC school!

“About Edgewater Public:

Welcome to Edgewater Public School!
Edgewater Public School is an elementary school which serves the northern section of Edgewater. Edgewater is located in the southeast section of Volusia County and is about 60 miles northeast of Orlando. It is a beautiful, historic community with a population of approximately 20,000 residents.
Our school first began to provide quality education to the children of Edgewater in 1879. The first name of our school was Hawk’s Park, named after an early settler by the name of Dr. John Milton Hawks who donated one of his winter cottages to serve as a school.
The original school was replaced by a slightly larger one in 1890. This facility burned to the ground in 1912 and was replaced by the block constructed Betsy Ross School. This closed in 1917 and our children went to school in New Smyrna until our current facility was built in 1966. We have sustained on-going additions and improvements ever since.
Edgewater Public, a Title One School, serves kindergarten through fifth grade students. In addition to regular education, students may receive special services in a variety of programs under the umbrella of Exceptional Student Education. Some examples of these programs include speech and language, learning disabilities, Multi-VE, as well as Pre-K special needs.

Our current enrollment is approximately 570 students with an average class size of 18. We offer special area in music, art and physical education.

Our staff is excellent. The entire Edgewater staff, teachers, paraprofessionals and support personnel are caring, committed professionals who go the extra mile to help all students succeed. We do believe in our school mission statement: “We envision Edgewater Public School as a nurturing community: a place where the success of each member is dependent on the commitment of all.”

“Make it, Believe, it, Achieve it” – Student Motto

“It’s a great day to be a Bobcat!” – School Motto” (citation: http://myvolusiaschools.org/school/Edgewater/Pages/School-Information.aspx)


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