Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to Cumiskey Education Group. One of our biggest concerns was, are our services needed? Apparently so. The below events are completely “sold” out! Even though they are free, preregistration was required for a number of reasons: 1) in case they needed to be cancelled for any reason, so we could know who was expected and contact them, 2) for privacy: these event locations are kept private for safety and confidentiality of participants–some teachers attending, for example, prefer to keep that information private, and some parents feel that way, too; 3) we would hate to publish locations and turn people away due to a full room.

Again, as we have stated before, our local professional development and our parent support groups will remain free for the foreseeable future. Teachers are responsible for following the process (reviewed in housekeeping at the beginning of training) for obtaining CEUs from their district staff development offices/contacts.

If you would like to be added to the waitlist for the full events below, please use the contact form. If we have enough people doing so, we will schedule more trainings/support groups on the topics below.

Here are the filled events:

And, here is the form to fill out to contact us:

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